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New porch deck and storage room
Staircase Re-vamp
Ramada with Stucco finish
Child's playhouse
Framing Addtion
Room Addtion
Concrete Slab and Steps
Ramada with Stain Finish
Ramada with Concrete Slab
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Pool Enclosure

We did this job a couple of months ago. We did the work in 2 Phases. Phase 1 was build the structure.

We started by digging and setting the area for the enclosure.


We had the pleasure of framing the roof on this beautiful commercial building.

The future home for GUARD GLASS

This is what the building looked like before we started our magic!

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We just finished a beautiful 10ft. x 16ft. Ramada with concrete slab. We used roofing shingles to protect from weather damage. Painted to match the house.

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